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Nominate your officers for 2004. Deadline for nominations is September 26.

Events coming up - The European Championship starts Sept. 2nd at Cascais with 71 crews from 25 countries. Following are the 2003 Worlds (Sept. 11-20) in Cadiz. The 2003 North Americans are in San Francisco, October 17-21.


Regatta Reports
Athens 2003 Regatta was won by Torben Grael and Marcelo Ferreira, wIth Paul Cayard/Phil Trinter 2nd and Marc Pickel/Anton Kolb in 3rd. The
Masters Regatta was won by Tom Price and Will Wagner, the 2003 Allianz Suisse Star Grand Prix, Herbstpreis Brunnen winners were Daniel and Beat Stegmeier, and the new Brazilian Champions are Adler/Barcelo. John MacCausland and Brad Nichol took the Lake Sunapee Open.

Articles on Star Sailors
Star World Champion Paul Cayard will host the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards Presentation on 12 November 2003 in Barcelona, Spain.

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District 4 4th District Green Star 08/23/2003 - 08/24/2003
District 2 77th Chesapeake Lipton Cup 08/09/2003 - 08/10/2003
District 10 Open Finnish Championship 2003
08/01/2003 - 08/03/2003

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District 1 Nathan Hale
09/06/2003 - 09/07/2003
District 4 Shipping Board
09/06/2003 - 09/07/2003
District 5 Black Star
09/06/2003 - 09/07/2003

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