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Add Competitors
Once you have clicked "enter results", the Regatta Control Panel will be displayed.  This page allows you to add add boats to the classes, define the number of races being sailed in the event, and enter results for those races.


DOC_Control_Panel.gif (3005 bytes)
- click to view full size -

The Add/Edit Boats page  allows you to add boats to your event.  Please note that the boat name field is required.  If the boat does not have a name, you can use either the sail number or bow number.


DOC_Add_Boat.gif (4311 bytes)
- click to view full size -

If you have created an event for this class in the past, you can copy your old list to the new event.  If you choose to copy one of your existing lists of boats, the list can then be edited to add new boats or delete boats that are not sailing in the event.  Your original list is not affected by the changes.


DOC_Copy_List.gif (2881 bytes)
- click to view full size -

Once a boat and skipper has been added to the event, a list will appear on the Add/Edit boats page that lists all the boats you have entered, and allows you to enter information about the crew.

DOC_Add_Crew.gif (4504 bytes)
- click to view full size -

When you have finished entering the competitors for your event, click the done button to specify the number of races that have been sailed.



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