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Notice to Builders and Sailmakers

Notice to Builders and Sailmakers


It is impossible to foresee every conceivable innovation which may be thought of in the future and to mention every suggestion that has been ruled illegal in the past. When considering anything in connection with the boat or its sails or equipment which is not within established practice in the International Star Class or is not clearly covered by plans or specifications, you must assume that it is illegal, and must obtain a ruling from the Technical Advisory Board before attempting it. 

Builders In order to obtain a license to build a Star boat, a builder must conclude a License Agreement with the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association (ISCYRA) and submit to the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) the following: 1. Hull Construction and lines drawing 2. Lay-up schedule and samples of lay-up 3. Drawing of keel, rudder and skeg 4. Construction of mast, boom and rigging. No number or measurement certificate can be issued until the above items have been approved by the TAB. If a builder changes his construction he is required to submit the concerned drawings or samples to the TAB for approval. After the License is granted no changes may be made to the hull, deck or keel shape without the licensee submitting a change order to the ISCYRA for approval. No change can be made without approval from the ISCYRA. New Construction Methods and Materials In keeping with the ISCYRA’s long standing policy of seeking more economical means of building yachts, it is believed to be in the best interests of the ISCYRA to actively seek new methods or materials while at the same time maintaining the competitive value of all existing yachts. To that end the following guidelines are intended for those members seriously interested in undertaking such developments, which will ultimately foster the growth of the ISCYRA. 

1. A member may request, in writing, permission to build one prototype yacht of non-specification materials and/or construction methods. His proposal should include a general statement regarding the estimated costs and benefits to be derived, drawings, sketches, etc. 

2. The Class Management Committee (CMC), acting with the advice of the TAB, will grant the builder the right to qualify for a provisional measurement certificate for a prototype yacht, provided that the following conditions are met: (a) Upon completion, the prototype yacht meets all specifications for hull shape, uniformity of construction and weight. Also flotation must be proved by test. (b) A full disclosure of the details of construction is made to the TAB including, among other things, scantlings, material specifications, special assembly techniques, photos of the construction process, and costs. 

3. The provisional certificate will authorize that prototype yacht to qualify for all races except Silver and Gold events. 4. Full disclosure of racing results and an analysis of same certified by a fleet or district officer are to be submitted to the CMC upon completion of a representative number of races. 

5. A final measurement certificate will be issued if the Class adopts that method of construction through its normal procedures of a fleet resolution, TAB approval, annual meeting approval and membership vote. Such approval will be granted provided that the construction of the prototype yacht does not vary to any substantial extent from the specifications finally adopted. 

6. On the recommendation of the TAB, a permanent measurement certificate may be granted to any specially constructed yacht by the CMC. 

Conditions Governing Sale of Plans and Specifications These conditions must be strictly enforced in the interest of keeping the Star a one-design class and to protect the prospective buyer of a new or second-hand Star from any intentional or unintentional misrepresentation concerning the boat's eligibility. This notice accompanies all official plans and is made a part thereof. It is the full text of the condensed agreement of sale that appears on each plan. 

Work only from official plans. Never copy the dimensions of another Star or its measurement certificate; sag or warpage of an old hull can be misleading, also the specifications are subject to occasional revision. 

AGREEMENT Whereas the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association (ISCYRA) owns all right and title to, and interest in, the design of a Star Class yacht and whereas official plans and specifications may be purchased conditionally from the ISCYRA; now therefore it is understood that the purchaser, by accepting and retaining the said plans, agrees to the terms and conditions herein: 

USE OF PLANS. Plans shall be used only in connection with the construction of Star Class yachts and their sails and accessories. The purchaser agrees not to resell, lend for publication or any other purpose, or transfer in any manner the plans or copies thereof, without authority in writing from the International Governing Committee (IGC) of the ISCYRA. 

INELIGIBILITY. Unless a yacht and its sails conform to the plans and specifications, within the allowed limitations, it shall be barred from the ISCYRA. The ISCYRA reserves the right to bar any yacht or sail constructed by a firm or individual who is not recorded with the ISCYRA as possessing official plans, or who fails to comply with any of the conditions herein. 

COST OF PLANS. Complete set of plans, $30; any single plan, $10; Rudder template, $20. Plans cannot be lent, nor sent on approval or credit. 

NUMBER TAX. Builders are required to pay a tax of $400 on each yacht built when applying for a number on Form R-1. A number will not be issued unless the yacht is actually under construction and the name and address of its owner are given. Yachts being built for stock should be reported but will not be issued numbers until complete and ready or measuring. For the purpose of identification, the number must be cut into the upper side of the keelson (or if the boat is fiberglass without a keelson, then cut permanently embedded at a location as near as possible to where they would be if the boat had a keelson), before the boat is measured. This number may be revoked if the yacht is not measured or is unable to obtain a certificate within a reasonable time. 

SAIL ROYALTIES. An ISCYRA sail royalty button must be permanently affixed to every mainsail and every jib. It is the obligation of the sailmaker to buy these buttons from the ISCYRA Central Office at $50 each. No sail can be used for racing without a button: it is not a Star sail unless the royalty button appears thereon. 

REMITTANCES. Remittances for all of the above must be made payable to and sent to the ISCYRA at its Central Office. Sums stated are in USA currency, net in the stated Account of the ISCYRA. 

KEEL WEIGHT CERTIFICATE. A keel weight certificate must be furnished by the builder to the measurer. It may be obtained from a public scale or such other source as the measurer will accept. 

REVISION OR SPECIFICATIONS. It is the responsibility of those who construct Star yachts or their sails or accessories to keep advised as to possible annual revisions of the specifications.