District 4  Regatta Report

Sat May 18th, 2002 through Sun May 19th, 2002

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Tulip Time Tune Up


Gull Lake Star Fleet hosted its 49th annual Tulip Tune-up regatta May 18-19 in the coldest temperatures in decades. That didnít stop 25 dedicated sailors of the Great Lakes region from participating in what would turn out to be one of the finest Tulip Tune-upís in recent years. The weekend kicked off with the nine-hole golf scramble on Friday morning. The team of Tom VanderMolen Jr., Steve Ticknor, Mike Blackwood, and Tic Ticknor, were the first group off the tee and posted an impressive even par 36. That score looked like it would hold up until the last group of Jon VanderMolen, Rob Maine, Joe Londrigan, and Rick Rundle, birdied two of the last three holes to tie. Todd Gay won the closest to the pin contest. It was another great outing that grows in participation every year. Twelve boats participated in the 3 PM practice races. The wind was out of the east at around 10 m.p.h. Rob Maine and Kevin Murphy won the first race, Joe Londrigan and Jon VanderMolen won the second. Racing started on Saturday morning in record cold temps. The wind was fresh out of the north 12 to 15 m.p.h. This north wind allowed the race committee to set up a long course using the length of the lake. Even with the long windward / leeward course the competition was tight throughout the race. Race one ended in a Londrigan family sweep, with Joe Londrigan and Jon VanderMolen in first, Pat Londrigan and Dave Jackson in second and, the team of Tom Londrigan Jr., and Ashley Boeyen third. Tick Ticknor and younger brother Steve, were the top Gull Lake boat in the race with a sixth place finish. Race two saw very close racing as well. In a building, backing breeze, the fleet got off to another clean start. All 25 boats battled around the five-leg windward / leeward course separated by only a few minutes. Positions changed back and forth throughout the race, but in the end Joe Londrigan secured his second win of the day. Rob Maine was second, followed by Tom Londrigan Jr. in third. Mike Blackwood sailing with Tom VanderMolen Jr., was the top Gull Lake boat in race two with a fifth place finish. Race three was sailed in the strongest wind of the day. The wind was a steady 15 m.p.h. with gusts up to 20 m.p.h. Several boats retired during the dayís final race, but no major problems were reported. Race three saw the closest racing of the regatta as the fleet thinned out. Five boats rounded the last bottom mark virtually at the same time and fought hard up the last two-mile beat. Joe Londrigan flashed his Gold Star form and finished first for a clean sweep of the dayís racing. Tom Londrigan Jr. sailed great and finished with his second, second place of the afternoon. Mike Blackwood was the top Gull Lake boat with a strong third place finish. After day one Joe Londrigan and Jon VanderMolen had a four point lead over Tom Londrigan Jr., and Ashley Boeyen. Rob Maine and Kevin Murphy were third. Pat Londrigan and Dave Jackson were in fourth. Mike Blackwood and Tom VanderMolen Jr., the top Gull Lake entry, sat in fifth. Sundayís scheduled two races appeared in doubt when the competitors arrived early that morning to find frozen lines on their boats, and steam rising off a pancake flat lake. A light easterly breeze would make racing a real challenge. This determined group of sailors however, started race one despite the difficult conditions. After a clean start the fleet spread out looking for any kind of breeze. Jack Rickard and crew Neal Turluck reached the weather mark with a sizable lead. The fleet caught Jack at the bottom mark, as the Race Committee shortened the course. It was a test of concentration up the last virtually windless leg. Rob Maine prevailed, with local sailorís Don Parfet and Brad VandenBerg finishing second. Jack Rickard held on to finish third. Tom Londrigan Jr. finished seventh, and Joe Londrigan finished thirteenth. As the sun broke through the clouds the wind disappeared altogether. The Race Committee cancelled race five and ended the regatta. With four races complete and no throw outs, Tom Londrigan Jr. and Ashley Boeyen won their first Tulip Tune-up. Rob Maine and Kevin Murphy finished second. Joe Londrigan and Jon VanderMolen finished third. Pat Londrigan and Dave Jackson finished fourth. Mike Blackwood and Tom VanderMolen Jr., the top Gull Lake boat, finished fifth. The 2002 Tulip Tune-up concluded with lunch and awards on the lawn. The club did a wonderful job of taking care of the sailors and their families, and the locals again showed incredible hospitality making everyone feel at home and comfortable on beautiful Gull Lake. The Gull Lake Star Fleet looks forward to seeing the regulars at next years 50th Annual Tulip Tune-up, and all the new sailors at the 2003 Spring Championships.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 3 4 Total
1 7664   Londrigan Jr   Boeyen   7664   LS   3 2 2 7 14
2 7905   Maine   Murphy   7905   WH   7 3 4 1 15
3 8012   Londrigan   Vandermolen   8012   LS   1 1 1 13 16
4 7602   Londrigan   Jackson   7602   LS   2 8 6 5 21
5 7936   Blackwood   Vandermolen   7936   GL   10 5 3 12 30
6 7634   Schaefer   Pederson   7634   WLM   13 4 8 10 35
7 7739   Parfet   Vanderberg   7739   GL   11 21 7 2 41
8 7228   Ticknor   Ticknor   7228   GL   6 9 5 22 42
9 8017   Gay   Brewer   8017   LS   4 11 11 17 43
10 8036   Rickard   Turlock   8036   WH   15 12 14 3 44
11 7478   Smith   Young   7478   GL   9 15 16 6 46
12 7718   Turner   Klerk   7718   GL   17 16 10 4 47
13 7916   Delaney   Delaney   7916   SLE   19 6 9 14 48
14 7670   Mccarthy   Mccarthy   7670   PPL   5 14 12 19 50
15 7935   Lewis   Barkauskus   7935   LS   14 13 13 15 55
16 7957   Heitzinger   Snodglass   7957   JP   8 17 DNF 8 60
17 8015   Londrigan   Londrigan   8015   LS   18 19 15 11 63
18 7713   Babel   Hawk   7713   GL   16 7 DNF 16 66
19 7660   Brethorst   Wojda   7660   IR   21 18 17 18 74
20 7542   Brethorst   Wilkins   7542   LS   12 10 DNF DNS 76
21 7216   Vortriede   Kliedohavkis   7216   DR   22 22 DNF 9 80
22 7309   Wysockey   Nichols   7309   WH   20 20 18 DNS 85
23 7533   Covington   Zipp   7533   IR   24 24 19 20 87
24 7185   Chipala   Rundle   7185   JP   23 23 DNF 21 94
25 6661   Korejsza   Ruggiero   6661   DR   DNS DDNS DNS DNS 108
26 6920   Rantz     6920   GL   DNS DNS DNS DNS 108

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