District 2  Regatta Report

Sat May 18th, 2002 through Sun May 19th, 2002

And the winners are.....

And the winners are.....

HDG Yacht Club One Design Regatta


After a tuning session with John MacCausland Jr on Friday, the NCB fleet was ready for the weekend. Unfortunately, the weather gods had other ideas. On a breezy, rainy Saturday morning, 7 boats from the NCB and AN fleets got ready to race. The wind was howling and the rain was falling. The first start was scheduled for 11AM but was slid until 1PM. After much consultation and a few rums, we opted to watch the Preakness. Sunday morning rolled around with sunshine and 8-10kts of breeze. With all the rain, there was a bit of current but we went out at 10AM to race. The weather mark placement was a particularly difficult location with the approach affected by current and curved winds from onshore buildings. John Vanderhoff proved equal to the task and won the first 2 races. Trapper moved the jib leads forward a bit and they took off, winning the third race. Bob Keen did a great job with shapes and horns and kept us going solid for all three races.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet Race #1 Race #2 Race #3 Total
1 8038   Vanderhoff   Perkins   8038   NCB   1 1 2 4
2 Ice Blue   Lippincott   Vosbury   7425   AN   2 3 1 6
3 8063   Collins   Avellon   8063   AN   4 2 5 11
4 AirePuppy   Parrotta   Scherpf   7688   NCB   3 4 6 13
5 7741   Weber   Marley   7741   NCB   5 6 3 15
6 Starburst   Kohlerman   Kohlerman   7162   NCB   5 6 4 15
7 F2   Weissenberger   Werring   7454   NCB   6 DNF DNC 22

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