District 1  Regatta Report

Fri Jul 18th, 2003 through Sun Jul 20th, 2003

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First District Championship (Blue Star)


By John Lombard

Twenty-six boats participated at the 1st District Blue Star Championship, held at Rockport MA, under the sponsorship of the Cape Ann fleet.

Friday's races started off on a light note. The boats were sent out on course 4. However, on the second time up there was a substantial wind shift creating reaching conditions, and then on the final leg a front came through with a 30 kts. breeze. Because the committee boat started drifting the race was abandoned and the boats told to return to the harbor.

Saturday brought another light and variable day with holes in it plus an interesting tidal situation. Two races were completed. John Safford scored 4-3 for the day, Jake Fiumara 8-1, Peter Costa 6-3, Ben Cesare 7-4, and John Lombard 6-5.

Sunday was again a light and variable day. Because of this it was anyone’s regatta. After floating about for 2 hours a southerly with marginal hiking conditions set in. Cesare finished first followed by Fiumara and Safford came in fourth. A second race was not possible so the final standings were Jake Fiumara beating John Safford on a tiebreaker with Ben Cesare coming in third overall.

The Cape Ann fleet once again put on a regatta that we have all come to appreciate. The prime rib was excellent!

By Joe Chambers

The 2003 District 1 Championships were hosted by the Cape Ann fleet in Rockport July 18 - 20th. Friday saw some difficult weather and the first race was canceled as thunderstorms and 30 mile per hour winds came through the course in the afternoon. Finally the Race Committee canceled all races and everyone sailed back to Sandy Bay Yacht Club without getting a race in the books.

The fleet was more optimistic on Saturday morning as three races were scheduled. Light and variable winds made it a very difficult and long day. The first race saw Rockports Jim Kubik/Mason Browne battle for first with the Boston Harbor team of Mike Kalin/Greg Dolan. In the end Mike Kalin/Greg Dolan were able to secure the victory. The second race saw more of the same conditions the Rockport team of Jake Fiumara/Joe Chambers put together an impressive display as they got out to a huge lead at the midpoint were able to maintain their position to take race #2. Tony Rey/Doug Brophy of Newport, RI finished second and another Rockport team, John Safford/Patrick Bodden were third. The third race of the day was again canceled as it was already 5:00 pm. Soon a thick fog rolled in and the many support boats towed the fleet into the harbor from the race course about three miles off shore.

Needing to finish one Race to officially complete the series an early start was scheduled for Sunday. The overall series stood with John Safford/Patrick Bodden in first, followed by Jake Fiumara/Joe Chambers and Peter Costa/Sergey Leonidov from Boston Harbor. With only five points separating the top five places it shaped up to be a competive battle for the series. The nicest day of the series proved to be all of that as there were many lead changes throughout the day. As the boats turned for the finish line with defending champion Ben Cesare/Peter Manion first, Jake Fiumara/Joe Chambers second, Mike Kalin/Greg Dolan third, Josh Phypers/Dave Timberlake fourth, and John Safford/Patrick Bodden fifth. If these positions held Fiumara/Chambers would be winners. However if a boat passed them or if Safford/Bodden passed two boats they would win. With 200 yards to the finish it looked like it was anyones race, Safford/Bodden passed a boat and Kalin/Dolan were gaining on Fiumara/Chambers, however it was too little too late as the Rockporters held on by a half a boat length to get second place and win the series.

Jake Fiumara/Joe Chambers edged John Safford/Patrick Boddden in a tie breaker for their second Blue Star. Ben Cesare/Peter Manion were third overall, and Mike Kalin/Greg Dolan took the Green Star.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 3 Total
1 Southern Cross   Fiumara   Chambers   7817   CA   8 1 2 11
2 Rosebud Cafe   Safford   Bodden   7847   CA   4 3 4 11
3 Kimmar   Cesare   Manion   7465   Mid   7 4 1 12
4 Bingo 7   Kailin   Dolan   7444   BH   1 11 3 15
5 Owl   Costa   Leonidov   7621     3 6 8 17
6 Hayaku   Lombard   Gardner   7728   Mid   6 5 7 18
7 Bingo X   Rey   Brophy   8000   NB   12 2 6 20
8 Telluride   Button   Batchelor   7565   MID   13 7 9 29
9 Don't Look Back   Braverman   Rezac   8052   BH   11 10 12 33
10 It's About Time   Engel   Lavery   7963   CA   5 13 19 37
11 Mongrel   Gurney   Bowers   7890   CLIS   9 15 13 37
12 Bold 2   Stephenson   Sperry   8080   CLIS   10 19 11 40
13 Bel Ami   Cook   Young   7332   CLIS   14 12 14 40
14 Connection   Kubik   Browne   7386   CA   2 23 16 41
15 8007   Watson   Sharp   8007   CLIS   16 8 17 41
16 More Pressure   Phypers   Timberlake   7265   CA   18 21 5 44
17 Night Light   Macdonald   Davis   7732   BH   17 24 10 51
18 Ingrid Ekholm   Gordon   Walsh   7604   CLIS   22 17 15 54
19 Spunk   Desmarais   Shaw   7555   CA   24 9 23 56
20 Foxy   Fox   Fox   7911   BH   19 18 20 57
21 One Plus Gemini   Engel   Engel   7076   CA   15 22 21 58
22 Trust   Luczynski   Baker   7101   BH   20 14 DNF 63
23 6756   Boliakis   Hennely   6756   CLIS   21 20 22 63
24 Adrenalin Rush   Hoffman   Rittenhouse   6970   CLIS   26 16 24 66
25 Catherine   Rivero   Walker   80801   BH   23 DNF 18 70
26 Speed Limit Infinity   Larsen   Whitlock   6767   BH   25 25 25 75

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