District 12  Regatta Report

Sat Jul 20th, 2002 through Sun Jul 21st, 2002

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2002 New York State Championships


July 20-21, 2002
Seneca Yacht Club
By Richard Burgess

The weekend after the 12th district championships on Seneca Lake the Seneca Star Fleet hosted the New York State Championships.

The plan was to sail two on Saturday and one on Sunday. The wind did not cooperate on Saturday, as the race committee sent us out in what looked like a promising northerly breeze, but it fizzled out and the committee canceled for the day. As is the case so many times once we were all back on the trailers a very nice breeze filled in, oh well. Some of the group was treated to a boat ride up the canal that connects Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake, by Matt Freeman. Others sat around telling old sailing stories while others took the time to explore the local area.

Sunday morning came with a building southerly breeze and off we went to sail three races.

Jim Freeman gave us a sailing lesson and won the first and second races going away. The rest of the fleet traded places back and forth. The breeze had built to 10 to 12 and the committee decided to sail us a third race. It was nice that we won that race and Ted Hains was second but the real story was Jim & Matt Freeman who sailed into third place from way back maybe 12th or 13th place at the first mark.

The group was treated to a nice lunch and as is the tradition at Seneca Lake the never empty beer keg flowed and soft drinks for those underage.

Seneca Lake is in the New York Wine area and for the awards the fleet gives out bottles of local wine, what a great idea.

I can only thank Bob Westcott for all of his hard work and the work of the race committee, and the members of SYC for putting up with us for two weekends in a row.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 3 Total
1   Jim Freeman   Matt Freeman     SL   1.0 1.0 3.0 5
2   Ted Hains   Larry Scott     LOC   3.0 5.0 2.0 10
3   Rick Burgess   Jack Winthrop     GrL   7.0 7.0 1.0 15
4   Brian Cramer   Peter Carson     LOC   4.0 6.0 6.0 16
5   Brad Anderson   Doug Folsetter     LOC   2.0 10.0 5.0 17
6   Steve Haarstick   Steve Sarbok     SL   6.0 4.0 7.0 17.0001
7   Bob Westcott   Jim Christian     SL   5.0 2.0 12.0 19
8   Myron White   Jack Mcallister     iso   11.0 3.0 8.0 22
9   Dan White   Tyler Carey     SL   10.0 11.0 4.0 25
10   Jeff Schuchardt   James Favaro     GrL   9.0 8.0 9.0 26
11   Werner Holtze   Stacey Valkenburgh     SL   8.0 9.0 13.0 30
12   Tom White   Doug Carey     SL   13.0 13.0 10.0 36
13   Ed Seyerlein   Jillian Stokes     Ith   14.0 12.0 11.0 37
14   Peter Lent   Zack Orlov     SL   12.0 15.0 16.0 [DNF] 43
15   Brud Nicholson   Jim Hendee     SL   15.0 14.0 14.0 43.0001

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