District 12  Regatta Report

Sat Aug 3rd, 2002 through Sun Aug 4th, 2002

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2002 Lake Sunapee Open


August 3 & 4, 2002
By Richard Burgess

Well, first the Lake Sunapee Star Fleet hosted a fantastic North American Championship. Then, right on its tail, they host another fabulous regatta—their annual Lake Sunapee Open. The off-water activities and fabulous food of Lake Sunapee Yacht Club have spoiled us rotten. Friday night we were treated to a delicious seafood buffet and on Saturday night we enjoyed the renowned steak dinner, cooked by the local star sailors.

Hazy, hot, humid, and no wind were the weather conditions on Saturday, so the racing was canceled. All was not lost as John Mac and myself hiked up a local mountain to get a little exercise and then enjoyed the hospitably of our host, Sam Rowse, and we went swimming. Many of the other sailors stayed at the club and relaxed in the bright Sun and clear, clean water of beautiful Lake Sunapee.

On Sunday morning the lake looked as still and smooth as a mirror and some were dubious that we would race at all. But then a nice little breeze started coming from the south and the race committee sent us out. The first race started in a very light southerly with crews to leeward. As we sailed up the first leg the breeze continued to build and we started hiking. At the weather mark, Peter Hall of the Montreal, Canadian fleet, was in the lead, we were second, and John Chiarella was third. We were fortunate to get a little shift on the second beat and rounded in front of Peter, and then we held our position to the finish line.

The second race started in puffy 8 to 12 knots of southerly wind and again Peter Hall called the first beat perfectly and lead at the weather mark, with Andy Ivey second, and John Mac and me in third. As we got to the leeward mark Andy did a really nice job getting inside of Peter and rounding first, with Hall second, and us third. The order stayed the same to the weather mark, but on the run “Lil” Mac worked his downwind magic and managed to get by Hall. The final upwind to the finish was a little nerve racking as the breeze was shifty, Ivey was covering us, and we were trying to stay ahead of Hall. When we got to the finish line it was Ivey, MacCausland, Hall.

This was Peter Hall’s first time in a Star and he is going to make a nice addition to the 12th District. Peter is a past World Champion in both the Soling and Lighting Classes.

In fact, we are delighted to welcome the entire Montreal, Canadian fleet to the 12th District.

We also want to thank the race committee for a well-done job. We all know that without your work, there would be no racing. Thanks again to the Lake Sunapee Star Sailors, and to the wonderful crew at the Sunapee Yacht club.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 Total
1   John Maccausland   Rick Burgess     CR   1.0 2.0 3
2   Peter Hall   D Trepanier     Mtl   2.0 3.0 5
3   Andy Ivey   Brad Nichol     Sun   7.0 1.0 8
4   David Cook   Michael Wood     Sun   4.0 4.0 8.0001
5   John Chiarella   Terry Fletcher     Sun   3.0 8.0 11
6   Sam Rowse   John Wulff     Sun   9.0 5.0 14
7   Jim Freeman   Matt Freeman     SL   8.0 10.0 18
8   Peter Pike   Bill Pike     Sun   6.0 14.0 20
9   Nat Cook   Doug Wiggen     Sun   11.0 9.0 20.0001
10   Jay Oglivy   Greg Meyer     Sun   19.0 6.0 25
11   Scott Beckman   Chip Nolin     Sun   18.0 7.0 25.0001
12   Don Cronon   Emil Karlovsky     Mid   10.0 15.0 25.0002
13   Ian Bruce   Ben Gibson     Mtl   14.0 11.0 25.0003
14   Dag Lidbeck   Dave Gulliver     Sun   17.0 13.0 30
15   Duane Delfosse   B Delfosse     Sun   13.0 17.0 30.0001
16   David Ivey   Rob Bowers     Sun   5.0 26.0 [DNS] 31
17   Blackie Tilson   Kip Murray     Sun   12.0 19.0 31.0001
18   Dick Atkinson   Bob Suitor     Sun   15.0 16.0 31.0002
19   Andre Marcotie   A Vranderick     Mtl   16.0 18.0 34
20   Jfseguin   Refet Eres     Mtl   23.0 12.0 35
21   Bill Farrar   Tom Nunez     Sun   21.0 20.0 41
22   J Delaporte   B Magatanong     Mtl   20.0 21.0 41.0001
23   Skip Nolin   Michele Wood     Sun   22.0 26.0 [DNS] 48
24   Michael Feeney   John Plunkett     Sun   26.0 [DNS] 26.0 [DNS] 52
24   Joe Goodnough   Bruce Pariseau     Sun   26.0 [DNS] 26.0 [DNS] 52

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