District 7  Regatta Report

Sat Feb 20th, 2016

Regatta Base

72nd Regata Darke de Mattos


The traditional regatta Darke de Mattos was held Saturday at the Yacht Club of Rio de Janeiro. In its 72nd consecutive year the competition attracted 10 crews of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia to sail on a very peculiar course, which goes to the Copacabana Palace, then returning to the ICRJ harbor.

The day was typical of Rio de Janeiro with the summer heat and light east wind, with tide filling at the time of start. Part of the fleet sought the protection of the Sugar Loaf and part was in the middle of the channel. Who went to the coast took the advantage. At the float of the Copacabana Palace, Lars Grael and Samuel Gonçalves were first, but who took the transitional prize Ivo Strada, while riding in sixth, were Luis Mosquera and Roberto Freire.

On the way back, with an ebbing tide against the fleet, it was better to go outside of Contunduba, skirting the island. After more than three hours of racing, the winners were Sergio Goretkin and Renato Cruz. Jorge Bhering / José Augusto Barcellos and Lars Grael / Samuel Gonçalves completed the podium. The Golden Xulipa, the last-place prize went to Admar Gonzaga and Alexandre Freitas.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: 1 Total
1 Shao Lin   Sergio Goretkin Filho   Renato Cruz   8039   1.0 1
2 Lazaro   Jorge Bhering   Jose Augusto Barcellos   7460   2.0 2
3 Come Together   Lars Grael   Samuel Gonalves   8474   3.0 3
4 Miisca   Alessandro Pascolato   Henry Boening   8494   4.0 4
5 Aotearoa   John King   Matheus Medeiros   8463   5.0 5
6 Ninotchka   Fernando Ilha   Lucas Fabbriani   7772   6.0 6
7 Fast Forward   Luis F Mosqueira   Roberto Freire   8251   7.0 7
8 Maxima Culpa   Daniel Wilcox   Philip Kemp   8048   8.0 8
9 Xu   Carlos Dohnert   Gustavo Kunze   8145   9.0 9
10 Maricota   Admar Gonzaga Neto   Alexandre Freitas   8459   10.0 10
11 Odisseia   Wilmar Scherrer De Amorim   Philip Matheson   7022   14.0 [DNF] 14
11 Bad News   Luis Beckmann   Mauricio Maciel   6929   14.0 [DNF] 14
11 Julieta   Joao Marcos Mendes   Luiz Octavio Teixeira   7823   14.0 [DNF] 14

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