District 9  Regatta Report

Sat Oct 15th, 2011 through Sun Oct 16th, 2011

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31st Pinatel Trophy


Sailed at Paris, France.

Competition from this celebration, sailed eight days before the Centenary at St. Tropez, was masterfully organized by the President of the series, Romain Andrieux. This 31st Pinatel Trophy, the third and final round of the Championship of France of the Star 2011, had a modest participation but of great strength.

Three foreign teams, two German and one Finnish, responded to our invitation and joined the seven crews of our Cercle and YCIF to participate in 3 days to 15 races valiantly launched relentlessly by our loyal chairman of the race, Hervé Le Marchand, brilliantly assisted by Maria Theresa Jourda.

Racing was under a full south wind in very light whimsical or confusing gusts, and started with summer temperature, The event ended in a deluge of rain for the final 15th race that would tie a very tight podium from the first day of racing.

After some clarification by the jury , chaired by Francis Laleu (a ghost - former winner of the Trophy Pinatel in the last century), Guillaume Rolland of YCIF, sailing with Laurent Le Deuff, who fought his was through the air turbulence from the Seine to win this 31st Pinatel Trophy, followed by 1 point with CVP's Godest Hervé and Jean-Louis Mémoret, the winners last year. The German Pinatel faithful crew, Uwe Hanemann of the Essen fleet sailing with with Anette Dahms, completed the podium.

After the friendly awards chaired by Christian Desouches, crews were given appointments for the 32th Pinatel Trophy. Also welcomed the presence at the awards of Pierre Mathé former captain of the Star Fleet Circle Award and creator of Pinatel.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 Total
1 FRA 6591   Guillaume Rolland   Laurent Le Deuff   FRA 6591   IF   35 35
2 FRA 1111   Herve Godest   Jean Louis Menoret   FRA 1111   FdeP   36 36
3 GER 8124   Uwe Hannemann   Anette Dahms   GER 8124   ESS   39 39
4 FRA 7527   Philippe Courteaud   J Piganneau   FRA 7527   IF   54 54
5 FIN 7665   Kim Holm   G Oller   FIN 7665   Fin   58 58
6 FRA 6276   Loic Eonnet   V Eonnet   FRA 6276   IF   76 76
7 FRA 7362   Philippe Treanton   C Legond   FRA 7362   FdeP   78 78
8 GER 7898   Klaus Bode   Guus Dusseldorf   GER 7898   IJs   84 84
9 FRA 7208   Noel Rolland Le Berre   K Le Berre   FRA 7208   FdeP   87 87
10 FRA 6160   Alain Boullier   P Godest   FRA 6160   FdeP   141 141

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