District 12  Regatta Report

Sat Jun 12th, 2010 through Sun Jun 13th, 2010

Regatta Base

LOC Fleet Regatta


Seven boats made it out to the start line. A short postponement by the race committee to set the course allowed Dave Winter and Angelo Degennaro to make it to the start line in time. The conditions on the lake were very breezy (15 to 20 kts) with a short chop.

In the first race, Terry Hofkirchner and Jeff Imai were able to get a lead and then extended their lead on each successive leg to finish first. followed by Francis Fouger and Andrei Sokolski, followed by Brian Mckay and Michelle Tan. After a short postponement between races to move the race course further out into the lake, the race committee set a course with a 1.9 nm upwind leg. The wind was calming down a bit, with longer lulls between gusts. At the start Terry Hofkirchner again got an early lead and worked up the left side of the course but on one of the port tacks going into the lake, Francis Fougere and Bob Magtanong managed to pass on starboard. At the next crossing, Fougere and Magtanong were busy duelling each other to let Hofkirchner slip by and round the windward mark first. Hofkirchner worked the puffs to build a lead and held on to finish first. Rob Hupfield, with Allie Baxter, and Mckay made some gains to finish second and third, respectively.

In the third race, after some torrential downpours, Hofkirchner again got an early lead off the start and was able to build the lead and hold for the upwind finish. Mackay approached the finish in second position only to be edged out by Hupfield who shot the line to squeak out a second.

On Day 2, the winds on shore were light ~5kts. As the fleet got out to the course, the winds went even lighter forcing a postponement. After floating about for 2 hours, a light wind filled in allowing the race committee to set a course and start.

Mckay changed tactics and port tacks the start but arrived a little late to be effective. Half the fleet went out to the lake while Hofkirchner went in and found some wind to gain an early lead. As the fleet neared the upwind mark the wind dropped off to 0.4 kts forcing the race committee to abandon the race.

After floating about for an excruciatingly long time, with most of the other fleets in different regattas heading back to shore, the wind filled in from the south. The race committee quickly set a course and we are off and running. Winter approached the line too early and was forced to gybe and start on port. He crossed part of the fleet only to get forced to tack and sit in the middle of the pack. Mckay forced Fougere to tack and go to the right. The remainder of the fleet went left.

Hofkirchner lead the left group and was kept there by Mckay and Hupfield, but the winds shiftws right, giving Fougere a huge advantage.

At the first mark, Fougere rounded first with a huge lead, followed by Winter, Hupfield, Mckay, Hofkirchner and Magtanong. On the downwind leg, Mackay and Hofkirchner passed Winter as the winds shifted to the SW. The race committee did a course change.

On the upwind leg, Mackay, Hofkirchner and Hupfield got into a tacking duel. Mckay and Hofkirchner managed to pass Hupfield. On the downwind leg to the finish, Hofkirchner gybed away to leave Hupfield covering Mckay. On the final approach Mackay had a slight advantage but had to make a final gybe after crossing ahead of Hofkirchner. Hofkirchner slid past Mckay and finished second behind Fougere.

The final regatta result had three boats tied for second. Overall Terry Hofkirchner and Jeff Imai win the regatta. Francis Fouger and Andrei Sokolski took second and Brian Mckay and Michelle Tan were third. Special thanks to Brian Mckay for organizing and cooking the souvalaki dinner on Saturday evening. Thanks to the race committee for running a great series.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 3 4 Total
1 7930   Hofkirchner Terry   Imai Jeffrey   7930   LOC   1 1 1 2 3
2 7640   Fougere Francis   Sokolski Andrei   7640   LOC   2 4 5 1 7
3 7836   Hupfield Robert   Baxter Allie   7836   LOC   4 2 2 4 8
4 7308   Mckay Brian   Tan Michelle   7308   LOC   3 3 3 3 9
5 8162   Winter Dave   Degennaro Angelo   8162   LOC   7 6 4 5 15
6 6997   Magtanong Bob     6997   LOC   5 5 6 6 16
7 7585   Wilde Marshall   Tinning Jen   7585   LOC   6 7 7 8 20

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