District 7  Regatta Report

Fri Jan 15th, 2010

Photo by Fried Elliott.

Photo by Fried Elliott.

66th Regata Darke de Mattos


Report by Lynn Fitzpatrick, WorldRegattas.com:

Photos by Fried Elliott

The 2010 Star World Championship fleet made history by rigging up to sail in the most venerable regatta in South American history. The Taca Darke de Mattos Regatta is the oldest continuously held sailing regatta in South America. It dates back to 1945.

According to past Star Class President, Peter Dirk Siemsen, who has won the Taca seven times, “The regatta was started to promote sailing in the Star Class and sailing in Brazil. According to Siemsen, whose book entitled "Vela do Brasil", which traces Brazil's sailing history and will be published later this year, “The race is traditionally sailed on a Sunday in late February or early March and has long legs that run past Ipanema Beach, because the beach is usually crowded with people on Sunday." The other reason that it is sailed a bit later in the year than it was scheduled this year is that it marks the beginning of the local sailing season. In Rio, they reserve December and January for the large international championships when sailors from the northern hemisphere are eager to visit and enjoy the heat of the Brazilian summer.

Thanks to the Star Class and very energetic members of Rio de Janeiro Yacht Club, one-design racing in Brazil started just after World War II, when the clubÂ's commodore brought a large sailing yacht and plans for the Star to Rio. Since then, Brazil has won more Olympic medals in sailing than in any other sport. Torben Grael and Robert Scheidt, who are sailing at the 2010 Star World Championship, are at the very top of the elite group of sailors who have accumulated Olympic medals, world championship titles and World Sailor of the year titles. Grael has five and Scheidt has four Olympic medals.

Siemsen shared his winning strategy for the Taca Darke de Mattos, "A good start helps because it is important to be first or second out of the Bay. The next part is tricky and your performance depends on the wind, which is usually light, and the tides." If you are leading at the Copacabana Fort mark rounding you are almost assured of being the parade leader all the way back to the inner harbor.

The 2009 Taca Darke de Mattos winners were Daniel Wilcox and Affonso Abreu. The Brazilian Star skippers sailing in the 2010 Star world Championship who are also past winners are: Alessandro Pascolato, Lars Grael, Torben Grael, John King, Gastao Brun and Alan Adler.

This year's winners, Gastao Brun and Gustavo Kunze, played the last wind shifts in the mooring field and crossed the finish line inside the clubÂ’s basin at about 4:30.This is the second time that Gastao Brun, Regatta Chairman of the 2010 Star World Championship, has won the Taca Darke de Mattos. The first time was in 2001.

Brun/ Kunze had an early lead in light and shifty conditions. Julio Labandeira and Valentin Thompson (ARG) passed them as the shrinking fleet headed back from Copacabana. Labandeira/Thompson lost the lead under the lee of Sugarloaf. Branislav Erac and Ozren Tosic (SBR) were neck and neck with Labanderia/Thompson as they played the final shifts through the mooring field in front of Rio de Janeiro Yacht Club. The new Serbian crew finished third Eight of the 25 teams that started the race had the patience to play the shifts and show off their Stars to all of the people along Rio's waterfront.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 Total
1 BRA 8283   Gastao Brun   Gustavo Kunze   BRA 8283   RdJ   1.0 1
2 ARG 7966   Julio Labandeira   Valentin Thompson   ARG 7966   OL   2.0 2
3 SRB 7888   Erac Branislav   Tosic Ozren   SRB 7888   Isol   3.0 3
4 BRA 8049   Guilherme Raulino   Marco Lagoa   BRA 8049   Par   4.0 4
5 ITA 8370   Luca Simeone   MANUELE LA PORTA   ITA 8370   Rom   5.0 5
6 BRA 7590   John King   Norman MacPherson   BRA 7590   Cop   6.0 6
7 BRA 6475   Andre Mirsky   Jorge Joao Zarif   BRA 6475   RdJ   7.0 7
8 ARG 7777   Gerardo Della Torre   Guillermo Latour   ARG 7777   BA   8.0 8
9 BRA 8287   Luiz Andre Reis   Renato Moura   BRA 8287   Par   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 CHI 7972   Pablo Gimeno   Federico Calegatli   CHI 7972   Val   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 BRA 7074   Alessandro Jacome   Hector Concha   BRA 7074     37.0 [DNF] 37
9 BRA 8391   Admar Gonzaga Neto   Alexandre Figueiredo De Freita   BRA 8391   Par   37.0 [DNC] 37
9 NOR 8317   Eivind Melleby   Petter Morland Pedersen   NOR 8317   Nor   37.0 [DNC] 37
9 ITA 7551   Vincenzo Graciotti   Paolo Cisbani   ITA 7551   Con   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 BRA 8145   Fabio Barbosa Bodra   Arthur Lopes   BRA 8145   SP   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 SUI 8009   Christoph Gautschi   Juerg Koenig   SUI 8009   Bod   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 ARG 7909   Jorge Oscar Perez   Marcelo Tufarolo   ARG 7909   OL   37.0 [DNC] 37
9 BRA 8393   Horacio Carabelli   Fernando Ilha   BRA 8393   RdJ   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 CAN 8398   Ross Macdonald   André Lekszycki   CAN 8398   EB   37.0 [DNC] 37
9 BRA 7284   Cezar Castro   Afonso Montezuma   BRA 7284   Par   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 ITA 8400   Silvio Santoni   Fabio Toccoli   ITA 8400   NG   37.0 [DNC] 37
9 USA 8279   Claude Bonanni   Richard Burgess   USA 8279   TaB   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 USA 8067   Tomas Hornos   Luis Hornos   USA 8067   BH   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 ESP 8297   Fernando Echavarri   Fernando Rodriguez   ESP 8297   Lar   37.0 [DNC] 37
9 ARG 7700   Daniel Della Torre   Julian Gazari Barroso   ARG 7700   BA   37.0 [DNC] 37
9 GER 8016   Hubert Rauch   Ingo Schappeler   GER 8016   And   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 BRA 8284   Gabriel Raulino   Juliano Rosas   BRA 8284   Par   37.0 [DNC] 37
9 POR 8048   Patrick Monteiro De Barros   Bernardo Plantier Santos   POR 8048   FdL   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 ARG 8211   Alejo Rigoni   Juan Pablo Percossi   ARG 8211   BA   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 POR 8309   Afonso Domingos   Frederico Melo   POR 8309   CP   37.0 [DNS] 37
9 BRA 7826   Cesar Alves   Murilo Novaes   BRA 7826   Par   37.0 [DNC] 37
9 BRA 8392   Lars Grael   Ronald Seifert   BRA 8392   Par   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 BRA 8117   Bruno Manzoli Caruso   Rolf Bremer   BRA 8117   Gua   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 BRA 8212   Sergio Goretkin   Renato Cruz   BRA 8212   RdJ   37.0 [DNF] 37
9 ITA 8383   Marco Augelli   Leone Rocca   ITA 8383   FdiT   37.0 [DNC] 37
9 SUI 8085   Lorenz Zimmermann   Nils Hollweg   SUI 8085   LUV   37.0 [DNF] 37

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