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Never Enter Data Twice...
Use JavaScore and the Star Class Website as tools for publishing results, and you will never have to enter information about your regatta twice.

For some, this might take some getting used to, but it works, it is efficient and the Star Class is dedicated to improving it so that it gets even better.

In summation, here are the bullet points:

  • Step One - Score your events with JavaScore.  It's easy to use.
  • Step Two - Print your results from JavaScore.
  • Step Three - Submit your results to the Star Class Database.
  • Step Four - Link to your results from wherever you want.

Follow these simple steps, and your results are easily created by the Race Committee.  They can then be published quickly and easily without typing up results in a word processor or spreadsheet, creating HTML pages from typed documents and loading those documents on a web server two or more times (Club Website, Fleet Website, District Website and Star Website)

In addition, if you have submitted your results to the Star Class database, there is no need to file forms RR-2 and RR-4 with the class to have your results appear in the Star Log.  Over the years, the time saved by the Central Office and the Fleet Secretaries who no longer have to deal with these forms will be huge!

Any questions?


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