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Build a link to the database...
Creating links to the Star Class database allows you to post your results on your website without actually having to post HTML to your website.  Lost you?  Don't worry, this is a tip for your webmaster.

The links you create are static, meaning they never have to change.  You put them on your website, and when you click on them you are basically asking the Star Class for the latest results from your District.

In this example, we'll link to Results for District 9.  The page we link to is actually a database query.  To create links to other District results, simply substitute the 9 at the end of the line with the number of your District.  This link will display the most recent results in the Star Class database on your Website.  Creating a link like this makes results available on your website as soon as they are posted to the Star Class Website, which means immediately, and you only have to post results once!


To create a link to a specific regatta is also pretty simple.  In this example we will create a link to the Miles River Spring Regatta.  The first step is finding the event ID on the Star Class website.  To find the ID, simply browse to the results for the regatta on the Star Class website, and you will notice that the URL for the event is:


Once you've found the event, all you need to do is link to it, and you know how to do that!  For a working example of this, check out the District 2 Website results.

Let's wrap this up with a synopsis about the concept of NED2.

What's NED2?
Click Here to Find Out!





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