Bacardi Cup
March 6 - 11, 2017
Miami, Florida

2017 Eastern Hemisphere Championship
June 1 - 4, 2017
Viareggio, Italy

2017 Western Hemisphere Championship
June 13 - 18, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio USA

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District 10 - NORTH EUROPE DISTRICT (Sweden, Finland, Poland, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and northern Russia)
District Secretary:
Lars Edwall
Box 3076
S-434 03 Valida, Sweden

Assistant District Secretary:

HP Hylander
Traslovsvagen 16b
SE-432-43 Sweden

District 10 schedule
District 10 results

Finnish Website
Swedish Website


Aros (AR) 1948
West part of the Lake of Malar

Captain and Secretary: Ingvar J. Krook
Narvavagen 31, SE-114 60 Stockholm, Sweden

Rasta (RS) 1949
East part of the Lake of Malar

Captain: Sune Carlsson Skutuddsvagen 15, S-133 33 Saltsjobaden, Sweden

Secretary: Sune Carlsson Skutuddsvagen 15, S-133 33 Saltsjobaden, Sweden

Finland (Fin) 1952 website  Facebook page
South Coast of Finland

Captain: Kim Holm Ostersjogatan 8 A 23, FIN-00180 Helsingfors, Finland

Secretary: Christian Öller Rusthollarintie 8 E 47, FIN-00910 Helsinki, Finland

Kattegatt (Kat) 1953
Waters of Kattegatt from Varberg in the south to Kullavik in the north

Captain: Lars Edwall Box 3076, S-434 03 Vallda, Sweden

Secretary: HP Hylander Traslovsvagen 16B, SE-432 43 Sweden

Stockholm (SwB) 1961
Waters in the Baltic Sea between Öresund and Gefle Bay

Captain: Lars Nordling Box 44, SE-185 21 Vaxhollm, Sweden
Secretary: Jasper Nordling Dalagatan 86B, SE-113 43 Stockholm, Sweden

Pater Noster (PN) 1972 (Reinstated 1997)
Skagerrak between Marstrand and Lysekil, Swedish west coast

Captain: Erik Thorsell Stapelbadddsgatan 5, S-44030 Marstand, Sweden

Secretary: Per Ekborg Barrevik 174, SE-474 94 Hälleviksstrand, Sweden

Birka (Bk) 1998
Central Part of Lake Malaren

Saint Petersburg (StP) 2001
Waters of the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea)

Norwegian (NOR) 2008 inactive
The waters of Norway

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