October 2005

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National Champions:
The 2005 Italian Championship was won by Enrico Chieffi and Giancarlo del Col, and the 2005 German champions are Werner Fritz and Florian Fendt. In Holland, the Dutch Open champions are Alwin Van Daelen/Peter Peet while Daniel and Beat Stegmeier are the 2005 Swiss Champions.

Two fleet championships were reported. Guillaume Poli and Laurent Parquet are the L'Île de France champions and Ben Mumford and Paul Hrabowsky are the English Bay champions.

In Germany, Philipp Rotermund and Uli Seeberger won the Oktoberfest/Ammersee from 54 other entries, Reinhard Schmidt/Dirk Meissner were the top boat of 32 at the Kommodore-Kronprinz-Rupprecht-von-Bayern-Erinnerungspreis, FrankTusch/Sven Winkelmann won the Commodore Lüer Preis and Christian Nehammer/Gunther Mitterhauser won the Starfinale. In Switzerland, Lars Kiewning/Markus Mehlen took the last regatta of the 2005 Swiss Grand Prix series, Zürcher Herbstpreis.

In the USA, Tomas and Luis Hornos won the Bedford Pitcher, and Arthur Anosov and Dave Caesar were top boat at the Chile Regatta. John MacCausland teamed up with Kevin Murphy to win the Nutmeg Trophy and then won the 54th Fall Wind Up with Shane Zwingelberg. Barbara Beigel-Vosbury and Michael Zuschnitt are the Harold Schuster Memorial Champions.

Photo © 2005 Thomas Klug

International German Championship

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District 5 Pitcher Series
09/17/2005 - 09/18/2005
District 2

SSA Fall Regatta

09/10/2005 - 09/11/2005
District 4 Shipping Board Trophy 
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District 13 Lawuse-Preis 10/06/2005
District 17 Wodi-Wodi-Pokal
10/08/2005 - 10/09/2005
District 5 Pacific Coast Championship
10/15/2005 - 10/16/2005
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