April 2008

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Fifth place at the Worlds Championship
Ingo Borkowski & Marc Pickel
5th place at the Worlds
All photos by Fried Elliot

Worlds Masters winners Jaime and Carl Buchan with Joe Zambella
Jaime & Carl Buchan (USA)
(Joe Zambella presenting)
Worlds Masters award

Grand Masters winners Henry Raul Booning and Alessandro Pascolato
Henry Raul Booning and Alessandro Pascolato (BRA)
Worlds Senior trophy
2008 World Champions
Dominik Zycki and Mateusz Kusznierewicz with the World Championship Trophy
Photo by Fried Elliott
The 2008 Log yearbook is in the mail and should be delivered by the end of April..

Coming up in the USA is the Western Hemisphere Championship in Geneva, News York, USA on May 18-23. The entry list is posted with discrepancies.

In Europe is the Eastern Hemisphere Championship on June 1-8 in Split, Croatia, followed closely by the 2008 European Championship on June 11-18 at Lake Balaton, Hungary,

Human Interest

At the Star World Championship, 20% of the competitiors were world champions and/or Olympic medalists.  A profile on World's competitors Kunio Suzuki and Daichi Wada (JPN) and background on Hans Spitzauer (AUT) were provided by Lynn Fitzpatrick. John Dane (USA) has been named a spokesperson for the Melanoma Research Foundation.

2008 World Championship
Mateusz Kusznierewicz and Dominik Zycki (POL) are the Star 2008 World Champions. In second were Diego Negri and Luigi Viale (ITA) and third went to Robert Scheidt and Bruno Prada (BRA). Racing reports were provided by Janet Maizner and Lynn Fitzpatrick, and photos are by Fried Elliott.

April Racing Results
In the Netherlands the Easter Regatta was won by Peter Van Veen/Paul Goelst and the Tulpenrace winners were Sander Jorissen/Martijn Worsseling.

In Germany the Fruhjahrs-Verbandsregatta victors were Lars Kiewning and Niels Hentschel, and then Hentshcel also won the Spring Trophy/Uli Seidlitz Memorial while sailing with Shorty Schiffer.
The Marinepool Supercup was taken by Thomas Hopf and Christian Borck.

In Switzerland
, Jurg Wittich and Christian Trachsel won the Zurcher Fruhlingspreis (Colomba Cup). The  
Bodenseemeisterschaft winners were Marc Friderich and Benno Degen.

In Italy the Olympic Garda winners were Alexander Schlonski and Frithjof Kleen

At Nice, France, Andrea Orlando and Alessandro Ciocchi won the Red Star Pride and the Filance Dance first place award went to Mario Orlando and Giovanni Ferrerri.

In the USA, the Annapolis NOOD Regatta was won by Bob Oberg.

In Argentina, the 81st Aniversario Regatta at the Yacht Club Olivos was won by Daniel Della Torre.

Second place at 2008 World Championship
Diego Negri and Luigi Viale (ITA)
Second place at the World Championship 
Photo by Fried Elliott
Third place at the Worlds Championship
Robert Scheidt and Bruno Prada (BRA)
Third place at the World Championship.
Photo by 
Fried Elliot
4th place at the 2008 World Championship
Flavio Marazzi and Enrico de Maria (SUI)
Fourth place at the World Championship
Photo by 
Fried Elliot
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District 13 Young Europeans Sailing - Goldener Pfingstbusch 2008
5/08/2008 - 5/10/2008
District 9 36eme Ducs de Nemours 5/09/2008 - 5/11/2008
District 10 Swe GP 1 - Vårfyren 5/10/2008 - 5/112008
District 14 2008 Erich F. Laeisz-Preis, Alster 5/17/2008 - 5/18/2008
District 2 2008 Lippincott Memorial 5/17/2008 - 5/18/2008
District 4 2008 Tulip Tune-Up 5/17/2008 - 5/18/2008

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