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Upload a JavaScore File
Once you have scored an event with JavaScore, you will need to locate the file on your computer, and upload it to the database.  Please note that if you are using JavaScore to score your event, there is no need to add classes, races or competitor information prior to uploading the .regatta~ file .  All of the information in the JavaScore file will be interpreted by the database.

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Selecting the correct file:
When you are ready to upload your regatta to the database, it will most likely be located in your C:/Program Files/JavaScore directory.  When you save a JavaScore event, (File / Save Regatta) the program will create both an XML and a plain text report and place them in its own root directory.  Please be sure to upload the XML report.  It will be marked with the ~ symbol.
From the Regatta Control Panel which becomes available after you create a RegattaBase event, click browse to launch the Windows Choose File screen, highlight the .regatta~ file for the event and click open.  The path to the file will appear in the RegattaBase JavaScore upload box.  Click Upload Regatta to submit the file to the database.

After you upload your file, you will get a message that the file is being interpreted, and will be available on the Star Website in 5-10 minutes.  The only remaining step is to upload an image that you would like to see on the results page.  If you do not have an image, the default image will be displayed.


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