Star Mediterranean Championship
By John rock Gailes
Nov 3, 2003, 08:35

Building on an idea developed by Regis BERENGIUER, several Mediterranean Star sailors met with Nice fleet captain Jacques PUISSEGUR to look at how to revitalize the Star class in the Mediterranean region and attract more sailors to the Star class. Capitalizing upon the excitement of the French victory of Xavier Rohart and Pascal Rombeau in the 2003 Cadiz Worlds, we are creating a Mediterranean Circuit for 2004 to which all are invited. This Mediterranean Circuit will be composed of 9 regattas (most already exist). It is based on the same principle as the Championship of the Swiss Stars (Grand Prix Allianz) which has had great success.

In 2004, the Mediterranean circuit will be composed of the following regattas:

Dec. 27 to 30, 2003 - Nice, Regattas of Noel
Jan 31 to Feb. 1, 2004 - Monaco, Memorial Jochen Shwarz
Feb. 7 to 8 - Monaco, First Monaco Cup
April 10 to 12 - Canes, Skiing Yachting
May 1 to 2 – Annecy, Trophy of the Dukes of Némours
May 20 to 23 - Your, Gde. Motte Championship France
July 1 to 4 - Peels It, France Open
July 11 to 14 - 11th edition of the Drag'Lastar
Oct 23 to 24 - Hyères, Final of the circuit

Calculation of scores will be as follows:

First place will receive 100 pts, second 97 pts, 3rd 94 pts, and so on. The number of competitors does not matter. This system has the aim of not penalizing, but rather benefiting, participants in regattas where the number of competitors is small. If all regattas are sailed, the three worst scores can be dropped. If one regatta is not sailed, 2 scores can be dropped and if two regattas are not sailed, only the worst score can be eliminated. All regattas sailed will count if three or more events of the nine total were missed.

With the aim of having the largest participation possible, scoring will be for the boat (sail number) so more than one skipper can sail a single boat.

Other events in the French national program for 2004 are Annecy Sept.10-12, the Championship of the 9° district, and the traditional Trophy Pinatel in October 2004. And each fleet will be hosting their own racing.

We hope to see you numerous times this coming year in Nice.

John rock GAILES
Keelboat Chairman,
League Veils Coast d’Azur

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