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Donald Gray 1931 - 2016
By David Bolles
Sep 3, 2016, 14:21

New Haven, Connecticut attorney Donald A. Gray, Jr., 84, died July 9, 2016. He was life member #61 of the Star Class.

Born in Bronxville, NY, attorney Gray graduated from The Hotchkiss School, Class of 1950, and Yale University, Class of 1954. He was a U.S. Navy Korean Conflict Veteran and a retired President and General Counsel for The Western Connecticut Industrial Council Inc., an exclusive association of manufacturers, retiring with over 30 years of service.

Holder of three blue chevrons won in Star Class events, he bought his first Star Boat In 1949 from Skip Etchells, #2857, which he named "Barbie" and competed at the 1950 1st District Championship, then called “The Atlantic Coast Championship”, finishing third.

In 1996, after a long hiatus, Don bought a boat built by Mader for Durward Knowles, #7306, and joined the Mid-Connecticut Star Fleet. In 1999 he bought a new Mader from John MacCausland, #7964, and then in 2003 he bought yet another new Mader, #8152. He was out on the water consistently and could be counted on to show up for fleet events. The last year he actively competed was 2011. Health concerns compelled him to retire after the 2011 season.

On August 27, 2016, a memorial event was held at Mid-Connecticut Star Fleet’s S mark.

Memorial at MID fleet's "S" mark.

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