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Giovanni Grimani 1939 - 2015
By Rizieri Ianni
Nov 22, 2015, 13:21

On the left, Giovanni Grimani sailing with Rizieri Ianni

Bracciano 9th October 2015

Today Im very sad, Giovanni, our friend Govanni Grimani passed away, we grew old together, since 1976 when I met Giovanni for first time on Bracciano Lake with his beautiful Star and became a very brotherly friendship. We shared the most beautiful moments of our life, he was a big friend, a "real gentleman" among my friends, he was always kind and never a word out of place.

Giovanni devoted many years of his life to Star boats and Star Class. He was an ISCYRA Life Member from the Lake Bracciano Fleet. Since he was young he sailed the Star, he always sailed the Star. His first Star was "Rebellea" built in the shipyard Costaguta from Voltri, Italy, and the last was "Eliele XII", built by Folli.

We sailed together many times, we shared the passion without limit for this boat, we sailed on Garda Lake, Como Lake and Viareggio Tirreno Sea.

Giovanni developed a friendship between Bracciano Lake fleet and Perla della Versilia Fleet. Many sailors from the Versilia Fleet took part in the Bracciano Star Trophy, a regatta invented by Giovanni, and many sailors from the Bracciano Lake Fleet took part in the Benetti Trophy sailed in Viareggio.

Giovanni worked with passion inside District 14 and became the district Secretary with historical assistant Stefania Moneta, and took part in the Administrative International Committee of ISCYRA.

Giovanni was always a friend for all Star sailors, he believed in the friendship and the respect between friends, all people remember Giovanni as a "gentleman" both as a sailor and in life.

The "Associazione Velica di Bracciano" was started by him. Thank you very much Giovanni for giving us the passion for sailing, specially for the Star, good wind my friend .

Rizieri IANNI

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