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Berger Brothers Win Kasabian Trophy
By Tony Herrmann
Oct 22, 2015, 16:34

Tom and Dave Berger hold the Spring Series Trophy in front of the Kaiser Trophy.

The Berger brothers (Dave & Tom) and Curt Kasabian "duked it out" for the Western Lake Michigan Fleet Championship/Kasabian Trophy for the entire 22 race 2015 season. The Bergers have been racing stars in the Racine-based Western Lake Michigan (WLM) Fleet for more than 20 years. Persistence pays. The Bergers were 1st in fleet in ’98, 2nd in fleet in ‘97 and 2nd or 3rd in either the Spring or Summer series in the '12, '13 & '14 racing seasons. This year the Bergers edged out Curt Kasabian in the last four races of the year actually sailing Kaiser Kasabian's last star boat “"TRIM" #7834. This season the Berger brothers placed first in the Spring series on the way to winning the 2015 Kaiser Kasabian Fleet Championship Trophy.

Kaiser Kasabian raced Stars in the Racine for more than 50 yrs of the 77 year history of Star fleet sailing at our Racine Yacht Club. Thus, the special Kaiser Kasabian Trophy modeled after TRIM Star #5234 which he built for himself in the 1950s. During this 50 years, Kaiser owned and raced five different stars all named Trim. Curt Kasabian, Kaiser’s son finished 2nd in fleet this year. Tony Herrmann and his son, Michael, finished 3rd in fleet after winning the Summer Series.

The 59th Mission Regatta in June, sponsored by the Fox family in honor of their father Jim Fox and his WWII air service, was won for the second year in a row by the guest team of Jack Rickard and Sam Eadie. Curt Kasabian and Chris Nielson were 2nd and Jeff Schaefer and Rob Walker were 3rd. Rick Hennig, Ken Fox and the Denali crew run the races. The Fox family ladies host the post-racing picnic and award activities.

The Annual Racine Yacht Club Regatta Star Series in early August was won by the Curt Kasabian-Chris Nielson team. The Berger brothers placed 2nd and Mark Hetzel and his son Sam were 3rd. The Blue Nose Regatta in September was won by the Berger brothers.

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