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2012 Star Winter Series
Sep 4, 2012, 22:44

Keeping the Ball Rolling, Olympics or not!

The Star is one of the most prolific keelboats in the world. Designed in 1911 by Francis Sweisguth, it remains an incredible boat to sail. At the 2012 Olympic Games, it was the most senior of boats, having made its debut in Los Angeles at the 1932 Games.

But now the Olympic status of the class remains uncertain. The fickle winds of event selection favored a youth movement, and sought out equipment that would favor this ideal. Keelboats, deemed expensive and frumpy, were not selected for the 2016 Games.

While some classes rely heavily on their Olympic status, the Star is not one of them. With over 8,000 boats built, event turnouts remain strong. The class is well organized, its members well respected, and its history unmatched. Not many classes can claim Lowell North, Dennis Conner, Mark Reynolds, Vince Brun, etc. among its honor roll.

The class history is perhaps richest in South Florida, where it is now embracing its post Olympic era by launching a new classic - the Star Winter Series Presented by EFG International. Beginning in November, Starboat owners and crews will have five events for maximum racing time while minimizing hassle and expense.

There are few places on the planet that offer up the quality sailing conditions as does South Florida in the winter, and with convenient storage for up to 20 days of sailing through March, the class is eager to keep the ball rolling, Olympics or not.

2012-2013 Winter Series Schedule:
SWS Event 1 | Schoonmaker Cup/District 20 Champs | November 17-18th
SWS Event 2 | Commodore’s Cup | December 1-2
SWS Event 3 | Levin Memorial Regatta | January 5-6
SWS Event 4 | Star Midwinters | January 10-13
SWS Event 5 | Walker Cup | February 9-10

Non-Winter Series Events for 2013:
Zagarino Masters | February 2-3
Bacardi Cup | NOR/Registration | March 4-9

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