Jochen Schwarz, ISCYRA Vice-President, 1956-2003
By Riccardo Simoneschi
Jun 16, 2003, 16:09

Dear Star Class members,

Jochen Schwarz
It is my unfortunate position to announce to you that Jochen Schwarz, Vice-President for the ISCYRA, has passed away. Jochen and I have been friends for 25 years and I feel this loss very personally. He and I have a shared history both privately and in sailing, and our friendship endured without question. I feel this loss in my heart, and I know many sailors and friends from around the world will too. Jochen was a man with many gifts. His kindness and ability to connect with others earned him respect and friendships worldwide. He was always a gentleman, both on and off the water. Jochen was an excellent sailor but an even better human being. He was a loving husband to Lia, and adoring father to his two young daughters. In light of his death, the other topics of discussion currently going on in the Class seem childish and unimportant. Please let us come together to mourn the death and celebrate the life of our good friend, Jochen Schwarz. A permanent memorial to recognize Jochen's contribution to the Class will be decided upon at a later date. In the meantime, Star Class members can send personal condolences to:

Mrs. Jochen Schwarz
11 Avenue Princesse Grace
MC 98000 Principality of Monaco

If you would like to make a charitable contribution is his memory, please send a bank transfer or a cheque to (and please mention Jochen Schwarz's name):

1 Avenue Des Castelans
98000 Principality Of Monaco

31 Avenue De La Costa
98007 Principality Of Monaco
The bank code and account number can be obtained by sending an e-mail to the Central Office,

Sincerely and very sadly,
Riccardo Simoneschi

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