New Technical Committee Appointed
By Riccardo Simoneschi
May 28, 2003, 23:25

From the president:

The increasing level of competition in the class has brought to my evidence the importance of improving our measurement system and skills.

The desire of improvement of the boat brought forward by the many talented sailors who joined the Class recently is very positive for the Class.

To give all the possible support to the members, shipyards and international competitors, I decided, two months ago, to appoint a new technical comm. whose members are the following:

Chairman - Jochen Schwarz
Chief Measurer - John Koopman
Measurer - Hannes Gubler
Technical member - Josy Steinmayer

This committee will report directly to me and will work respecting the following declaration of intents:

Technical Advisory Board / Some identified action items

- To maintain and ensure the one-design-status of the class
- To maintain the Olympic status of the class
- To ensure a careful and controlled technical development of the Starboat
- To prevent an unnecessary increase of cost
- To preserve the value of older Starboats

1. Activation of the former procedure for approval of new constructions (and alterations) for known and new builders. Closer cooperation between boatyards and the Class.

2. Checking the present production in terms of:
- Potential violations of specifications
- Deviations that must be judged regarding conformance with plans and specifications.
- Specifications that need a new interpretation or a new definition.

3. Enlarge the activities of the measurers:
- Complete and coordinate: Continental, regional and national measurers.

4. Ensure knowledge transfer
- Regular information and instruction of the measurers
- Align the measurement procedure with the principles of the other important classes

5. Alignment of the specifications and the measurement with the "ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing":
- Alignment of the measurement procedures
- New measurement certificate
- New procedure and measurement when ownership changes

5. Revision of the regulations concerning the security aspects of boat and equipment.

Itís my opinion and convincement that it is of fundamental importance that the Class Management improves the respect of all the points above. I thank Jochen Schwarz, Hannes Gubler, John Koopman and Josy Steinmaier for what they have already done and I wish them the best success for the incoming working program.

Riccardo Simoneschi
International President

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