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What Are They Sailing in the Olympics?
By John Koopman, Co-Chief Class Measurer
Aug 25, 2008, 08:34

Star Sailors at the Olympics. Photo by John Koopman.

What type of Star are they sailing in the Olympics?

Murray - Lillia
Spitzauer - Lillia
Scheidt - Lillia
Wang - Lillia
Lovrovic - Lillia
Rohardt - Lillia
Percy - Mader
Pickel - Folli
O'Leary - Lillia
Negri - Lillia
Pepper - Lillia
Kuznierewicz - Folli
Domingos - Lillia
Marazzi - Wilke
Loof - Folli
Dane - P4 (Pickel / MP Sailing Promotions boat)

Dane is sailing the P4. He went really well yesterday (Saturday) in the light air. Sperry was lying on the foredeck a la downwind on the upwind legs. Very effective in getting down the wetted surface and changing the
pitching of the boat substantially.

Marc Pickel is sailing Folli 8291. Most of the sailing will be against a strong current so Marc (also Mark Reynolds his coach) felt the upwind advantage of the Folli would be an asset.

The equipment is pretty standard other than the plethora of glass booms. Murray solved the heavy aluminum boom problem with an air hatch lifter. A heck of a lot cheaper than a glass boom.

With the light air, the traveler is back.

A number of the boats have installed small compasses in the bow hatch.

Nothing seems dominant so far, other than the weather.

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