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Silver Star Qualifiers for 2006 World's
By Steve Gould, Chairman Judiciary Board
May 13, 2006, 11:36

In response to a request for a ruling from the President, the JB has issued the following interpretation of Rule 29.3.2 pertaining to entries to the World Championship through Silver Star events:

A. Each continent is entitled to send one additional set of entries to a World Championship according to the schedule prescribed in Rule 29.3.2.

B. The continentís additional entries under Rule 29.3.2 are to be determined by its Continental Committee based upon the most recent Silver Star event held in that continent and completed at least ten days before the entry deadline for the World Championship. For 2006, the 29.3.2 qualifiers are: for North America the Spring Silver Star in Annapolis; for South America the 2006 Silver Star completed in February 2006; for Europe the 2006 European Championship in August 2006; and for Australia the 2006 Australian Championship.

C. Qualifiers from a Silver Star event through Rule 29.3.2 are restricted to participants from the fleets and districts of the continent where the Silver Star event is sailed. For example, for the 2006 Worlds, only competitors from North American fleets can qualify through the 2006 Spring Silver Star in Annapolis. Similarly, only members of fleets in South America can qualify through the South American Silver Star.

Stephen G. Gould
Chairman, Judiciary Board

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