2005 Annual Meeting Summary
By Diane C. Dorr
Mar 24, 2005, 22:36

February 10, 2005

The 2005 ISCYRA Annual Meeting was held at Club Náutico Olivos, in Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina on the evening of 10 February 2005. International President Bill Allen announced that the IGC had appointed Claude Bonanni to complete Bill Allen’s term for International Vice President of the Western Hemisphere and that Claude had agreed to continue handling his regular duties as International Secretary for the remainder of this year since the International Secretary’s term ends 31 December 2005. President Allen also introduced Richard Burgess as the newly elected IGC Chairman.

President Allen proceeded to report on the status of the Class making the following points:

• Star Class rules do not allow discrimination against age, sex, race or creed; therefore, all Star Class events will be open events.

• Class publications are now being produced by David Bolles, new editor for the Starlights, and Melinda Berge, webmaster and new editor for the LOG. The Starlights newsletter was mailed to all the members in January and preparations are underway to get the 2005 LOG printed and delivered much earlier this year. The Starlights editor needs members to help with the reporting for Starlights.

• Annual audit for the Star Class was just completed and the Class is in very good financial shape. Expenses were significantly under budget, due in part to Starlights not being published in 2004 and the LOG international delivery problem caused by DHL. The budget for 2005 will be completed shortly.

• The Star Class needs to focus on fleet building. Star fleets are encouraged to share their successful ideas with the Class via the Starlights and the webpage.

International Vice President of the Eastern Hemisphere Hermann Weiler reminded everyone that the European Spring Championship has been renamed as the Eastern Hemisphere Championship. He reviewed the dates and venues for the 2005 Eastern Hemisphere Championship and the 2005 European Championship. Details for these and other championships can be found on the Star Class website. Vice President Weiler also shared his hopes for developing Star sailing in Asia. The International Race Committee with John Koopman (USA) as Principal Race Officer was approved.

The International Jury of Carlo Rolandi (ITA), Chairman, Jaime Chavez (CHI), Carlos Diehl (ARG), Emilio Feliu (ESP), Carlos Gastelu (ARG), and Peter Dirk Siemsen (BRA) for the 2005 World Championship was approved.

No fleets have requested fleet charter ratification. Three fleet charters were revoked due to disbanding or several years of inactivity. The Buzios Fleet in District 7 was disbanded. The Oslo and Stockholm Fleets, both in District 10, have been inactive for several years.

The St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, California, USA was announced as the venue for the 2006 Star World Championship. The exact dates have not yet been set, but the organizers are planning to hold it in early October 2006. The dates will be posted in the calendar of this Star Class website as soon as they are confirmed.

The Star Class is currently planning to participate in the 2007 ISAF Sailing World Championships in Cascais, Portugal. Subject to final approval by ISAF, the proposed Championship dates are 27 June to 12 July 2007. Finalized dates, updates and additional information on this Championship can be found on the ISAF website,

International Secretary Claude Bonanni read the 17 resolutions as published in the Starlights and on the Star Class website.

President Allen presented the recommendations of the International Governing Committee for each resolution. Prior to discussion & voting, it was noted that Resolution 2, 5, 7, 11 and 17 were amended by the delegate or proxy of the submitting fleets as follows:

Resolution #2–2005 –- Withdrawn.
Resolution #5–2005 –- The words “a minimum of” was added to the first sentence so it reads, “Rule 27.2. The
Continental Championship shall consist of a minimum of six scheduled races.”
Resolution #7–2005 –- The words “with approval from the C. M. C.” was added to the end of the rule so it reads, “Rule
29.4.1. Additional entries to the World Championship may be allowed for no more than two International Officers with
approval from the C. M. C.”
Resolution #11–2005 –- The three sentences regarding the code flags were removed.
From Format A: “Code Flag A shall be flown from the committee boat prior to the warning signal.”
From Format B: “Code Flag D shall be flown from the committee boat prior to the warning signal.”
From Format C: “Code Flag E shall be flown from the committee boat prior to the warning signal.”
Resolution #17–2005 –- The words “though the championship was invalidated afterwards” were removed from the end of the sentence, so it reads, “Gold Star is awarded to Xavier Rohart and 4 Gold Bars are awarded to Pascal Rambeau, winners of the 2003 World Championship.”

After each resolution was read, it was discussed and then put to a vote. Ballots were signed and returned at the end of the meeting for counting. Voting results can be found directly below. All votes that passed will appear on the November 2005 ballot.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane C. Dorr
Executive Secretary

2005 for 2006 Resolutions
All resolutions that were passed at the 2005 Annual Meeting will appear on the 2005 ballot that will be sent to all members in November 2005.

#11-2005 Passed / 287 - 22
#12-2005 Passed / 309 - 0
#13-2005 Passed / 292 - 8
#14-2005 Passed / 228 - 61
#15-2005 Passed / 295 - 14
#16-2005 Passed / 173 - 133
# 1-2005 Passed / 167 - 142 #10-2005 Failed / 8 - 301
# 2-2005 Withdrawn
# 3-2005 Withdrawn
# 4-2005 Passed / 287 – 22
# 5-2005 Passed / 287 – 22
# 6-2005 Passed / 292 – 13
# 7-2005 Passed / 238 – 71
# 8-2005 Failed / 8 – 301 #17-2005 Passed / 277 - 32
# 9-2005 Failed / 22 - 287

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