2005 Harry Nye Trophy Presented to John F. Koopman
By Bill Allen, ISCYRA President
Mar 17, 2005, 15:32

ISCYRA President Bill Allen with John Koopman, photo by Jan Walker
I am very pleased to announce that the 2005 Harry Nye Memorial Trophy was given to John F. Koopman on March 10 in Miami. This award is given to individuals who provide exceptional service to the Star Class over an extended period. The Class Management Committee unanimously voted to award this trophy to John for 2005 at the recent meeting in Argentina.

John has served as our Chief Measurer since 1997, presiding over nine Star Class World Championships and the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games. He has done excellent work developing new techniques to enforce our specifications, in an era when technical developments are testing our class rules. He has spent many days on behalf of the Class coordinating with ISAF and other international groups. In addition, John has done a great job as Principal Race Officer for the past 2 World Championships, one on very short notice.

We all look forward to having John work with the class for many years to come.

Harry Nye Trophy
The Harry Nye Trophy recognizes an individualís outstanding contributions to the ISCYRA. The trophy is named for Harry Nye (1908-1987), who was twice Star world champion (1942 and 1949) and served as commodore of the Star Class from 1955 to 1963. He also won the Bacardi Cup and the Cup of Cuba three times each. A graduate of Yale University, Nye was for many years the owner of Murphy & Nye Sailmakers, Chicago, USA.

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