2004 Ballot due by Dec. 7
By Diane Dorr
Nov 1, 2004, 18:16

To all Life and Active Members:

The 2004 ballot will be mailed tomorrow. Each Life and Active Member will receive a copy of the ballot with your information label attached. Please make sure to check that the yacht number listed on the label is correct. Also, please make sure to sign your ballot. Your ballot is not valid unless you sign it and return it to the Star Class office by December 7.

In case you wish to vote early, a copy of the ballot is available in .pdf format (this file is large and takes a while to appear) or in Microsoft Word format. If you vote using the ballot on the website, please make sure to complete the top part of the ballot, especially your yacht number and your signature. You only need to fax or mail the completed first page of the ballot since the second page is the text of the resolutions.

Best regards,

Diane C. Dorr
ISCYRA Executive Secretary

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