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New Measurers for the Star Class
Sep 27, 2004, 21:31

News from the Technical Advisory Board:

New Measurers for the Star Class

On the 6th and 7th of August 2004, we organized a seminar for measurers at the boatyard of Leonhard Mader at Waging in Southern Germany.

Participants at the seminar were:
- Instructors: - Hannes Gubler, Chairman TAB
- Friedrich Krieger, Certified Measurer
- Measurer candidates: - Peter Schöberl, Salzburg, Austria
- Günther Staudinger, Linz, Austria
- Observer: - Hermann Weiler, Vice-President ISCYRA
"Burschi" Mader was a very helpful and active host. The participants much appreciated that our Vice-President attended the seminar.

Peter Schöberl and Günther Staudinger, both technical engineers, had the possibility to realize and understand all important items concerning the one-design status of the Starboat. I am convinced that they will be very helpful for our class and, after some more practical experience, can soon be elected as Certified Measurers. These two measurers will be able to maintain a good service for the class in Austria and Southern Germany in the future.

Although very satisfactory, this is only a first step. In many other regions, districts and countries, we have to find new measurers and provide more information about the technical conformity of the Starboat.

Therefore, I would highly appreciate being informed if sailors from other regions with technical background would be interested in being a measurer for the Star Class. If you are interested, please contact the Technical Advisory Board.

September 2004
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