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2004 European Championship - Final Results
By Marta Solés
Mar 25, 2004, 12:45

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March 31:
Löof wins the European Championship
Today was the last day of 2004 Star European Championship. Xavier Rohart was the winner of today.

The start was at 12.39 With just a penalisation for the Swiss Daniel Stegmeier. The meteorological conditions havve been better than the other days.

The Swede Lööf needed only a sixth place to become the champion. But once again he proved to be a strong man as he showed during all the championship.

Todays race has been very disputed with constant changes in the first position showing the high quality of the skippers and crews. Percy was first but later he started loosing positions and finished at the fourth position.The Canadian Ross McDonald was fifth.

Finally the Spanish crew couldn’t do better than a thirty one place. Not even the Brazilian Torben Grael did his best race, he finished in place nr twenty six.

Xavier Rohar, the French skipper fought hard during all the championship and he is very satisfied with his crew Pascal Rambeau

1. Frederik Lööf (SWE) 8 points
2. Xavier Rohard (FRA) 12 points
3. Mark Neeleman (NED) 22 points
4. Alexandre Hagen (GER) 23 points
5. Ross McDonald (CAN) 31 points

15. Roberto Bemúdez (ESP) 54 points

At five o’clock the prizes were awarded at La Escala Yacht Club by local authorities and the chairman of the club and The president of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation.
Frederik Lööf thanked the organisation to make this event possible and had very kind words for his crew Anders Ekström

March 31th Wednesday of 2004

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