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Lifting Rudders - Clarification
By Hannes Gubler, Chairman, Technical Advisory Board
Mar 24, 2004, 19:14

To all Members, Measurers and Builders of the Starclass:

Lifting Rudders (or up-and-down rudders)

Following the decision of the International Governing Committee and the Class Management Committee, the Technical Advisory Board has decided on the necessary clarification and the procedure concerning the existing boats with lifting rudders.

The Technical Advisory Board has decided:
1. Lifting rudders are not allowed.
2. For existing and measured boats, the device in question must be altered in a way that the rudder remains in all positions fixed in a height conforming to the rudder measurement.
3. The deadline for the alteration is:
- April 15, 2004 for boats competing in Gold- and Silver-Events,
- February 1, 2005 for all other boats.

March 9, 2004
Technical Advisory Board
Chairman, Hannes Gubler

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