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This Article Last Updated: Oct 29th, 2014 - 13:29:39 

Leading Ladies and Missed Opportunities
By Barbara Beigel-Vosbury
Oct 22, 2014, 16:42

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Leading Ladies is a term of endearment in North America for women who successfully race Star Boats. It takes a bit of positive mental fortitude to accept this somewhat archaic term with grace and a smile. On the one hand we just happen to be successful sailors who want to mix it up with the best sailors around, you know, the ones in the Star Class.

We’re not here to set any movement in motion, we’re not here to rock any status quo we’re just here to test our abilities, push our limits and get better on the race course. On the other hand Leading Ladies is the Star Class’ way of recognizing us and what we are accomplishing. It is not served with a condescending tone of voice nor is it snickered at behind the scenes. It is just a fact of life here in our Class, one of those traditions that may seem passé but we like it that way.

I am usually the one lone female at the event, sometimes there are more but generally on the Silver Star circuit there is one. The biggest advantage to being the only female is the bathroom is not stinky or elbow to elbow naked people (I have been on both sides, promise.). Enough bathroom talk.

The missed opportunity was not inviting the other two women to the podium to receive the “Leading Lady” trophy with me. The 2014 North Americans had three Leading Ladies: Carroll Beek McCallum, Celia Cingolani and me.

Carroll is a long time Star Sailor and daughter of Barton Beek, she is the female fixture in District 1 and the Central Long Island Sound Star Fleet. She is tough on the race course. She had the luck to be skippering an 8400 series boat, a big upgrade from her 7715. She named the boat Dodie after her mother who has been an ardent supporter of the Star Class as well as Star sailors in general.

Celia is the sister of Eugenio Cingolani from the Santa Monica Bay Star Fleet. As Eugenio was driving across the United States Celia was flying up from Argentina. One of the main reasons they chose to sail the North Americans this year was because they have family in Maryland! So sailing and family definitely go together! Eugenio wanted to have his sister do the skippering in the NA’s but alas she did not qualify. She was hanging with the best of the crews on the course never flinching at the conditions.

Since I messed up and missed the opportunity to celebrate Carroll’s first place in race three of the NA’s: To Carroll Beek McCallum CONGRATULATIONS on your two Silver Chevrons, we are all so very proud of you for your big win!

To all of the other “Leading Ladies” out there in our Class, we celebrate you too! To the ‘gals’ like Christa Lux, who continues to be a Star sailor since the 1950’s, to Abby White, who just graduated from college and skippers her own Star with her younger sister from Seneca Lake, we celebrate and encourage you to keep up the good energy.

See you on the Race Course!

Barbara Beigel Vosbury
Star 7986

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