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The Winners at the 2009 Star World Championship
By Lynn Fitzpatrick, WorldRegattas.com
Aug 8, 2009, 13:31

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The Winners - Overall - Szabo/Peters
Varberg, Sweden (August 8, 2009) - The two Star sailors who spend the most time helping other Star sailors out are Quantum sailmaker, George Szabo and Starboat Guy, Rick Peters, who manages the shipping and logistics for a lot of the teams, especially when their boats are in North America.

World Champions George Szabo and Rick Peters.
Photo by Fried Elliott.
Szabo sails out of San Diego Yacht Club, the home of other Star World Champion skippers, Lowell North, Malin Burnham, Dennis Conner, Vince Brun and Mark Reynolds. The second-generation Star sailor was three weeks old when he had his first sail in a Star.

Rick Peters sails out of California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey, California and has been instrumental in developing a twilight Star series in which 10 to 12 boats come out. religiously. Novices, Olympians and World Champions regularly participate and enjoy being on the Pacific rather than on LA's freeways regardless of the age of the Star boat they are racing.

The pair have sailed together for years and their best performance was at the 1994 Star World Championship held at San Diego Yacht Club. They were seventh on their home turf. Two years later, Peters was sixth at the Worlds in Marblehead, Massachusetts with Howie Shiebler. Just as they won a race in this series, they often win races, but coming out on top, especially at a major championship regatta, has eluded them.

Congratulations George and Rick.

Alejo Rigoni and Juan Pablo Percossi. Photo by Fried Elliott.
The Winners - Juniors - (Under 25) - Rigoni/Percossi
Alejo Rigoni and Juan Pablo Percossi (ARG) - This junior team was incredibly consistent throughout the 2009 Star World Championship. Their keep racers were 16, 16, 15, 16 and 2. They were never challenged for that second place finish in the last race. They started sailing together in November 2008 and wear a Blue Star on their sail because Rigoni won his District Championship in 2008. The pair won the 2009 Star National Championship in Argentina this March. They are experienced Optimist, Laser and J24 sailors. The Junior team was 9th overall in this World Championship and finished the series with 65 points.

The Winners - Masters - (50-59) - Macdonald/Fatih
Andy Macdonald and Brian Fatih (USA) have been sailing together since the beginning of the 2008 Olympic quadrennium. They were on the US Olympic Team and have continued to sail every major Olympic Class regatta and earn points toward the ISAF Gold Cup.

Macdonald had an impressive career as an FD, big boat and America's Cup crew. Fatih has teamed up with a number of Star skippers over the years and worked with John MacCausland prior to joining up with Macdonald.

Their best result this year was fourth at the Semaine Olympique Francaise in Hyeres, France where they were 4th. They are currently 14th in the ISAF standings.

Macdonald/Fatih were 14th in the 2009 Star World Championship and finished with 70 points.

The Winners - Grand Masters - (60-69) - Krook/Hasselgren (SWE)
Ingvar Krook and Henrik Hasselgren (SWE) are from the Aros Fleet and are part of a 21-boat Swedish contingent at the 2009 Star World Championship in their home country.

Krook has been sailing Stars for 23 years and Hasselgren started crewing in Stars in 2000. Hasselgren began crewing in Stars in 2000. Twice during this decade, Krook has won the Swedish Grand Prix, a six-regatta series that culminates with Exalted Grand Master, Sune Carlsson's Oktober Festival. The pair has been sailing together for the past two years and competed in the 2008 Bacardi Cup and Star Worlds in Miami.

Krook/Hasselgren were 62nd in the 2009 Star World Championship.

Pelle Petterson and Anders Ekstrom. Photo by Fried Elliott.
The Winners - Exalted Grand Masters - (70+) - Pelle Petterson and Anders Ekstrom (SWE)
Only 10 points separated Exalted Grand Masters Pelle Petterson and Sune Carlsson going into Race 6 of the 2009 Star World Championship. Carlsson led. Petterson/Ekstrom's 46th as opposed to Carlsson/Carlsson's 73rd in the last race, clinched the Exalted Grand Masters title for the Gold Star sailor.

Petterson has been a sensation in the Swedish press since before the 2009 Star World Championship began. It is no surprise that Petterson has the most elegant looking mainsail on the water. As Star World Champion, Anders Ekström, starts to hoist the mainsail the first thing that is revealed is a Gold Star earned by Petterson in 1969 in San Diego and by Ekström in 2004 in Gaeta. Immediately below the coveted Gold Star are Silver Olympic rings, for Petterson's 1972 Silver Medal in the Munich. The number 5300 comes into view next. It is the hull number for Petterson's Gold Star winning boat. Then, as the primary sponsor for the 2009 Star World Championship, the Pelle P logo is prominently displayed.

The iconic Pelle P is not only displayed on Petterson's sail, it is on everything at VSS and at the sailing village on the other side of the harbor. It is prominently displayed on the marks and on the shorts and T-shirts worn by the Race Committee and the volunteers. Attractive technical and casual wear is also available for sale at a large kiosk in the sailing village. Petterson has been available for countless interviews, speeches and receptions in conjunction with the 2009 Star World Championship. The company puts on the same show with its Match Racing sponsorship.

Petterson's first love is designing. A 1957 Volvo P 1800 pulled up at the yacht club during the regatta and had the crowd whistling under their breath. The Star entered Petterson's world shortly thereafter and he "fell in love with the lines of the Star and it distracted me from designing cars," said Petterson.

Petterson started to work within the tolerance of Star measurement rules to design Stars. He won his Olympic medal with a Star that he designed and built. The Gold Medal in the Star that year went to an Australian team who used a Petterson-designed boat, which he helped the other team secure for the event.

Approximately 85,000 boats can be attributed to Petterson's designs. Close to 14,000 Maxi family cruising yachts were inspired by Petterson.

Petterson also had a career as an America's Cup skipper of the Swedish Challenge, Sverige, in 1977 and 1980.

Ekström's design career has just started. Since winning his 2008 Olympic Bronze Medal, Ekström has been learning how to design and build furniture. It's a stretch to say that Ekström, like Petterson, is inspired by the lines of the Star, but his tables and furniture are in demand. Petterson has asked Ekström to build him a table for his ski house. Bets are that there will be a blond-colored star inlaid in its top.

Petterson/Ekstrom were 61st in the 2009 Star World Championship.

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