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Tips on Winter Star Boat Storage
By John MacCausland Sr.
Apr 16, 2003, 14:39

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It is very important that a Starboat is stored properly for the winter. Ideal storage is a dry warm area. Unfortunately this type of storage is not available to many of us. So, we must take steps to protect our Star in a less than perfect environment. I have found the following steps are important:

1 - The boat must be thoroughly washed with soap. Remove all salt residue, especially from the under-deck wire and fittings.

2 - Boat must be thoroughly dry with all ports open so that the boat can breathe. (Check all tanks for water.)

3 - After the boat is thoroughly dry it should be covered with a tight cover. Place the boom or some substitute such as a 2 x 4 on the deck before covering to support the cover. Or alternatively cover the cockpit area with plywood before covering the boat.

4 - Do not apply the brake on the trailer, as the brake shoes might stick to the brake drum causing the brakes to be locked up next spring.

5 - Wash mast and boom. Remove salt from all wire rigging. Make sure that the copper nicro-press on the bottom of the wire halyard is not touching the halyard lock as this cause corrosion of the lock fitting. This is a good time to apply beeswax or paraffin to the halyard wires both for extra protection and to have the halyards well lubricated for the beginning of the next season.

6 - Remove tiller extension to preserve the life of flex coupler.

7 Renew the shock cords, especially those which are exposed to the sun. This includes the shock cord which prevents the backstays from wrapping around the spreader ends and the jib fairlead car shock cords.

NOTE - In preparing your boat for storage remember water turns to ice which can be very damaging to a Starboat, causing delamination of the fiberglass. Whatever you can do to keep the boat dry will extend its life. Proper covers and a good dry storage area will keep your boat race-ready for next year.

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