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Important Instructions
When JavaScore installs, it sets up a default list of classes to choose from.  The Star class must be added to the list.  When you add it in, make sure you use an upper case S, as the system is case sensitive.

It is then critical to delete every other class from the JavaScore master list.  Our system is designed for the Star class, and it will only work for the Star class.

*The Star Class web site can not yet support the use of JavaScore subdivisions in the program, so don't use those when setting up a regatta..

DOC_Master_list.gif (19456 bytes)
- click to view full size -

DOC_Divisions.gif (12678 bytes)
- click to view full size - 

To modify JavaScore as required, from the JavaScore toolbar select master files/divisions to display the master class list, and use the buttons provided to add the Star to the list, and remove all other classes.
If you or your race committee use JavaScore for other events, and you would like to keep other classes in your master class list, please contact for instructions on how to modify JavaScore's XML report to work with the Star Class web interface.

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