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2003 Spring European Championship

Spartacus Sailing Club
Balatonföldvár, Hungary
May 3-11, 2003


The regatta will be governed by the Star Class Rules (STCR), the Racing Rules of Sailing, 2001-2004 (RRS), this Notice of Race (except as any of these are altered by the Sailing Instructions) and the Sailing Instructions. The Organizing Authority is the Spartacus Sailing Club (SVE) in conjunction with the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association, in collaboration with the Hungarian Sailing Association. The host fleet is Öreghegy.

2.Alterations to the Racing Rules
2.1RRS 32 will be changed to provide that courses will be not shortened.
2.2RRS 35 will be changed to provide that boats not finishing within 40 minutes after the first boat the finish will be scored "Did Not Finish".
2.3RRS 62.2 and 66 will be changed to shorten the time for requesting redress and requesting that a hearing be reopened on the last day of racing.
2.4RRS 63.3 will be changed to provide that only the skipper or crew may represent a boat at protest hearings.
2.5RRS A4.2 will be changed to provide that a boat failing to check in prior to warning signal may be scored the same as a boat not starting in that race.

Advertising is permitted only in accordance with STCR 40. The regatta is designated as Category C, RRS Appendix 1, 20.3

4.Eligibility and Entry
4.1Entries eligible in accordance with STCR log + infinity, may compete.
4.2Entries shall be submitted on the Official entry form not later than April 14th, 2003 to the I.S.C.Y.R.A. Central Office and:
Spartacus Sailing Club,
H-8623 BALATONFÖLDVÁR, Móló, Hungary
Fax +36 84 340704
4.3 Competitors must be eligible to compete under ISAF Eligibility Code, RRS Appendix 21, Regulation 19.

5.Entry Fee
The entry fee of EUROS 300 includes boat and trailer parking, launching and invitations to social events for skipper and crews. Transfer must be sent Raiffeisen Bank,
Account number 12011265-00257080-00100009. Attn. Spartacus Sailing Club
Please state the sail number.

6.Schedule of Events
Sat 3 May 2003 Measurement and registration
Sun 4 May 2003 Measurement, registration and Practice Race
Mon 5 May 2003 Race 1
Tue 6 May 2003 Race 2
Wed 7 May 2003 Race 3
Thu 8 May 2003 Race 4
Fri 9 May 2003 Race 5
Sat 10 May 2003 Race 6 and Prize Giving Ceremony
Sun 11 May 2003 Reserve day

The Organizing Authority shall require each competitor to sign a waiver for loss, damage or injury to persons or property occurring in conjunction with the regatta or on the property of Spartacus Sailing Club. The Organizing Authority, their members, employees, officers and or agents shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury that may occur to person or property whether or at sea as a consequence of participation of any boat.

Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party insurance with a minimum cover of 300.000 Euros per event or the equivalent.

9.1Measurement in take place at Spartacus Sailing Club. Each participating boat shall have a valid Measurement Certificate, Buoyancy Test Certificate and Weight Certificate. Only boats that have completed registration, paid all entry fees and passed the prescribed measurement check procedure by 18 hours on May the 4th, 2003 are entitled to race. The International Jury may order that a boat be re-checked during the regatta.
9.2Crews shall demonstrate compliance with crew weight limits in accordance with STRC 31.1.3 prior to the end of measurement. Crews may be re-weighed during the event at the discretion of the Organizing Authority.

10.Sail and Bow numbers
10.1Each Mainsail shall show the sail number and national letters as indicated on the Official Entry Form and approved by the Measurer.
10.2 Bow numbers will be assigned and given to each participating boat. They shall be affixed to the hull according to the Sailing Instructions.

11.Sailing Instructions
Sailing instructions will be available at registration.

12.Racing Area
Racing will be conducted on the waters of Lake Balaton, in front of Balatonföldvár.

Courses and procedures will be according STCR 34.

The Low Point Scoring System, RRS A2, with apply, modified so that each series score will be the total of her race scores with her worst score discarded if more than four (4) races are completed. Six Races are scheduled, of which six races shall be completed to constitute a series.

15.Berthing and Hauling
Boats shall be afloat at 19 hours on 4th May 2003 until the conclusion of the series.

16.1 Perpetual Trophies shall be awarded according to STCR 24.
16.2 Daily prizes will be awarded to the skipper and crew finishing first through third each race.
16.3 Series prizes will be awarded to the skipper and crew finishing first through ten.

For regatta information please contact:
Spartacus Sailing Club
H-8623, Balatonföldvár, Móló, Hungary
Tel: +36 84 340116, Fax +36 84 340704
Internet: e-mail:

18.Travel and Accommodation
See the attachments, which includes full travel agency information. There are a limited number of rooms for free of charge at Spartacus Sailing Club.


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