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This Article Last Updated: Oct 14th, 2010 - 15:13:49 

Olympic Sailing to be Online - Updated
By Melinda Berge
Aug 1, 2008, 11:55

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Gray Jobson, who has reported on the past 4 Olympic sailing events, will again be covering sailing in the Qingdao Olympics on www.nbcolympics.com (live streaming broadband). He will be working in a studio in New York City, narrating the racing from start to finish from footage NBC obtains from cameras on speed boats and a helicopter.

The focus will be on two classes per day, meaning Jobson will narrate two different classes simultaneously. So not all the Star races will be seen. But by the end, all 11 sailing classes will be covered with the medal races for each class getting top billing.

Scheduled coverage of Olympic Star Sailing (all times American Eastern Daylight Time)

Friday, Aug. 15
12 am race 1
2 am race 2

Saturday, Aug, 16
12 am race 3
2 am race 4

Sunday, Aug 17
12 am - race 5
2 am - race 6

Tuesday, Aug. 19
12 am race 7
2 am race 8

Wednesday, Aug 20
12 am race 9
2 am race 10

Thursday, Aug. 21
12 am race 11

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